The member serves the treaty
Member’s data will be protected by secret treaty, you can fill in without worry. Member’s data will be used by this website or related system or activities, please fill in correctly to ensure your right. When you join our member, it means you have already detail read and agree with the term.
First‧Agreed that observes the use rule
You agree we provide service in observe the use rule circumstances, this website have the right to cancel your membership here when you transgress the content of this term, please observe the use rule given above. Please stop applying instantly you don’t agree the term to avoid the law responsibility perplexes. If you continue to use services then represent you to agree the all modifications of this usage.
Second‧Member registration
1. You have to assure and agree below:
  a. Filled personal data correctly in the registration form.
  b. The e-mail you provided is correct and using by your own. If personal data you provided had already filled in dishonest, incorrect, not update for a long time or act against duties of keep secret according to law or contract, using this website service with others name, deliver or spread computer virus, illegal bargain, issuing deceitful and induce crime messages - crime-sell gun, drugs, outlawed medicine, pirate copy or other illegal act things, we have proper reason to terminate your membership and the right of various services because of unsuitable behaviors, if consequently cause any damage of yours, we will not bear any responsibility.
2. We suggest choose a user ID and a password carefully in the registration process. You can inquire about your password in member center if you forgot it.
3. In order to have regard for the member’s right, the data you registered will under protection, member registration and other particular data are protection and standard according to “rights of privacy policy”.
Three.Member behavior standard and attention obligation
1. Please delete any message and picture with a controversy at once so that all messages and picture don’s represent the speech or opinion of WHM, WHM also didn't need to take any responsibility to the article that the net friend announces.
2. The speech you announce on the network doesn't represent the position of WHM, such as announced or deliver any calumny, humiliate, threat, offensiveness, coarse, obscene, dishonest, act against public order or kind customs or other illegal writings, picture or any kind of file. If you violated above rules, we would immediately limit your entrance and never access. All publisher’s IP will store in a host to avoid any illegal incidents.
3. Any violate others reputation, right of privacy, business secret, right of trademark, copyright, patent …etc. and other intellectual property rights has nothing to do with our company.
4. You agreed the right of system manager and webmaster to delete, modify, move or close any subject. To be a user, you agreed all information you provided will store in database, these will not be public access except for website, system manager or webmaster use, but we don’t promise any data revelation hazards because of hacker invaded.
5. You promise never use web information for any illegal purpose or by any illegal way and commit obey the international usual practice of related laws of R.O.C. and all usage internet. If you are a user of R.O.C. republic outside, and the ordinance of nation or region that approval observance belong to.
6. Our company doesn’t be responsible for any content resulted by members, includes announce or deliver information, data, text, software, music, picture, video, message or other related data in public or privacy, the promoter needs to be responsible by oneself and has nothing to do with our company. But is unlimited any mistake or the lapse, any loss or damage pasting up, sending E-mail or transmission and developing through the service of our company.
7. The software or program and all contents on this website includes writings, pictures, files, information, data, web frame, web design, all owned its intellectual property rights by law by our company or other right persons, but unlimited trademark power, patent right, copyright, business secret and particularly have the technique...etc.. Anyone can’t use, modify, remake, publish, spread, publicly announce, reverse engineering, recoding. If you want to quote or copy above software, program or content in the website, you need to obtain approval before you did by law. Respecting the intellectual property right is the obligation you should exert or you will be responsible for the indemnity of our company. (Includes but unlimited the expenses of litigation and lawyer etc..)
The interpret and use of this term and related disputation are process according to R.O.C. law, the Tainan district court as the first reviews govern court.


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